Ahead of this year’s London Fashion Week, the capital’s most stylish and climate conscious, came together on Wednesday 15th to challenge consumer choices by rewearing, reclaiming and revitalising their clothes at the Christian Aid Collective’s ‘Fashion Deconstructed’.

This underground catwalk event showcased an array of spectacular designs by Emma Rees and Feng Ho as well as jewellery by Caipora. The Leake Street tunnels provided the perfect backdrop for the electro beats by Goodie Goodie, dancing with Swing Patrol, and live graffiti art. Interactive installations enabled attendees to trace the journey of their clothes and educated them about how their choices are affecting environment, whilst demonstrating that ethical fashion is about creativity, individuality and justice: it is the world’s poorest who are being first and worst hit by climate change.

During the event ‘Made in Chelsea’ star and artist Oliver Proudlock announced the winner of the ‘World Around Us’ competition the Christian Aid Collective in conjunction with Front Row Society to create a print that highlights the impact consumption is having on the environment and lives of those within developing countries.  

Thanks to all those who participated in the event and who came along for making it such a fabulous evening.

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We'll be there from 5-8pm but feel free to pop along at any time for fun and frolics.
We have catwalk shows every hour from 5.30pm
A swing dance class at 6.30pm
And Ollie Proudlock from 7pm
So you may just want to stick around for the whole thing....

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Map Time: FD marks the spot

Sneak Preview

Join us for beats from Goodie Goodie and dancing by Swing Patrol

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Around and About

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Now for the location.

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From 5-8pm

Can you find the pattern to decipher the date?

Sneak Preview

Some fabulous designs by Emma Rees and Feng Ho

Emma Rees 

 Feng Ho: Kitty Hawk dress, photography by Diana Bai

Feng Ho: Orchid top, photography by Jaye Ho 


The Christian Aid Collective is a growing community of young campaigners challenging the structures that keep people in poverty and we've teamed up with Berlin's Front Row Society to bring you our first event, Fashion Deconstructed.

In the coming weeks we'll be leaving notes, emails, tweets and codes disclosing the details for those in the know.

Christian Aid are asking you to think about what your ideal world will look like in 2030 and how that can be achieved. Now we want you to start thinking about what you will ideally be wearing in 2030?

How, What, How

It’s how your clothes are made and where they come from,
Not what clothes you’re wearing,
But how you wear them, that matters.