Construction Competition

Submissions: 15/01/2012

Deadline: 10/02/2012


The Christian Aid Collective is looking for creative and innovative designers to reclaim, reinvent and redefine materials and how they're used. We're giving you free reign on this project to make any women's wear garment of your choice taking inspiration from 'The World Around Us', so long as your piece is sustainable or ethically sourced.

To enter the competition each designer must submit their designs along with photographs of their finished product with an explanation of how it has been made to by the 10/02/2012.

Winning designs will be showcased in an ethical fashion event on the 15 February 2012.


The world around us

Art alters the way in which we see the world, it illuminates and edifies, as woven grass becomes a hat or discarded rubbish a dress. Man made and natural, we are surrounded by design that can be reconfigured into something new to say something new, challenging existing structures and provoking change. Each piece of packaging, thrown away as litter has been carefully crafted, while every day we discover inspiration in the environment. Can you help us use sustainable resources to send a climate message to the fashion industry?