Design Competition

To download details and submit please go to Front Row Society

Submissions: 15.01-31.01

Voting: 01.02-14.02


Front Row Society bags are one-of-a-kind pieces with only 100 limited edition bags being produced and sold per market. Each winner of a design competition at Front Row Society is invited to receive 10% of the sales revenue from the product on which their pattern has been printed.


The world around us

Art alters the way in which we see the world, it illuminates and edifies, as woven grass becomes a hat or discarded rubbish a dress. Man made and natural, we are surrounded by design that can be reconfigured into something new to say something new, challenging existing structures and provoking change. Each piece of packaging, thrown away as litter has been carefully crafted, while every day we discover inspiration in the environment. Can you help us use art to send a climate message to the fashion industry?

How it works

FRS and Christian Aid are looking for creative and innovative designers, to illustrate how climate change is affecting the environment. We’re looking for print designs taking inspiration from the theme of ‘The World Around Us’, whether it’s nature or industry that motivates you, can you use your art to show others the impact our consumption is having on the poor?

To enter the competition each designer must submit designs representing ‘The World Around Us’. The top designs will be voted for online by participants and short-listed garments will be displayed in an ethical fashion show during London Fashion Week.

For the first time ever, you will be able to design a whole line of FRS bags, your own FRS collection. FRS & Christian Aid judging panel will also choose which collection/bags to produce.

FRS and the Christian Aid Collective will take the highest average score and the number of votes into account, with the FRS and Christian Aid design panel announcing the winner during the event on the 15th of February.

The winning design will then be made into an ethical bag and sold on FRS. €5 of each sale will be donated to Christian Aid projects which are helping to eradicate poverty across the globe.